Porcini Mushroom Soup

Ceramic bowl on white tiled counter with flowered napkin and spoon.
I love soup. Particularly the Porcini Mushroom Soup from 101 Cookbooks, and it has been on the top of the list of internet recipes I want to try. The problem with recipes is that you have to make them to find out if they’re any good, so it’s taking me a loooong time to go through my list. I have had more recipes turn out kinda weird than a wonderful amalgamation of the flavors I had hoped for, so I’m hesitant to try new things. Unless, of course, it’s a cookie recipe. The best solution I can see to getting over my hesitation is to cook more so I can learn when to adjust a recipe and when to not mess around with changing a recipe at all.

But like I said, I love this soup. I found it had the deep dark flavor I was hoping for, the flavor I imagined when I saw the picture. I could eat many deep bowls of this soup, and for once the recipe came out looking surprisingly like the picture! (Of course I totally blanked on taking a picture of this deliciousness. For sure next time). I also think that this soup should be eaten with some delicious, hearty bread. My wonderful mother made us some fried egg sandwiches and they complimented the soup nicely, as did the bowl in the picture, which is from my favorite set we have. It always seems special to use them for soup when we have dinner, even more so when the soup turned out so nice. Clearly this cooking more often thing is a good idea.

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Pick it up!

I think that every time I clean my room I’m going to listen to this song:

(It’s from Yo Gabba Gabba, one of the more fun children’s shows.)

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Thought Experiment in Movie Roles

A very smart friend of mine posted a link to a website that has two videos about the male centric viewpoint of Hollywood, the first specifically pointing out that out of the past 50 movies that have won Oscars 4 out of that 50 have centered on women’s lives. That, to me, is pretty telling about what the dominant view point in the United States. I am very sure that arguments could be made to the contrary, and since I’m not good at arguing I shall just hand over the link and suggest anyone who come across this joins the lively conversation in the comments.

Please go check this out, and then maybe try the little thought experiments I like to do.


1. When you are watching a cop show, or really any show, switch the races of the actors and try to really picture someone of a different race in that roll.

2. Do the same with the genders.

3. (Now, I think this one is very interesting) Imagine (Actually, remember that) Latino and African-American actors who play thugs as people who have tried out for that part so that they can be actors. Remember that they are only playing these rolls because they are written by the writers. Imagine all the “bad guys” as actors who got a casting call and came in because they fit the description.

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Kneading downtime

As a grad student working on graduating with a Masters in Library and Information Science sometimes watching youtube videos is how I take breaks during assignments.

Here are two videos that can help soothe stress-fractured nerves during those few precious moments of not typing:


Ahh, relaxation for a full 1 minute and 43 seconds.

Okay, Back to Work!

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